That Day..

We were passing a smoke road of a suburb, with thin jumpers on. I don’t know how many eyes saw us but that day was the best and the first year in another box.  That day, June 12, moderate wind flew from the east and drizzle passed by. I was walking through a street to Queen Victoria Market with my dad. He promised me to buy a new jumper on Gap Kid. Thrilling wasn’t it?

On the way, I asked several questions.

“Dad, why don’t we take the tram?’

“Honey, I don’t have enough money. I think walking makes us healthier too”

“But it’s really cold dad, my jumper is not working! and I am hungry” I mumbled.

We were still walking and walking. I saw the billboard of Tous Les Jous. The pastries are marvelously luscious.

“Look! Tous Les Jous! I want some flatbreads and a cup of hot chocolate please!”

“Young lady, haven’t I told you about what is a priority?”

“Yesss.. buut”

“Anyway, Mom got soup. I think it’s more luscious”


“All right young lady. Tous Les Jous” with a desperate tones.

The bell of the bakery rung, and the waitress came. “What can I help you with, Sir”

My dad said, “Oh yes, some flatbreads and a large cup of hot chocolate please.”

“Ok. Is there anything else? How about your little girl?” I WANT A CHEESECAKE!” I shouted.

“No, no that’s all” said my dad.

my cheek started wet by tears.

” 12.25 please”

and my dad gave the money.

All people in Tous Les Jous glanced at me and my dad directly directed me out.

” Please, Wasn’t that enough? come little girl” he hugged me. 

Finally Queen Victoria Market on eyes! I straight went to Gap Kid and I  was so bumfuzzled in choosing jumpers. I chose a white jumper, I still remember that’s $125.

“Dad, can I have this?”

“As you wish, young lady”

“See dad! you have money and why didn’t we take the bus and have meals in Tous Les Jous?’

“Do you want to know the secret?”


” I was teaching you how to live a discipline life and a priority”


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