Exquisite One

This school year was havoc and snafu, oh I really shudder at disorganised. Well, I went on vacation, but it was like a Staycation so far.

On the first week of the school year holiday, I went to Bali. I visited my mum’s friend, Mr. Wayan, he is one of the well-known painters in Bali. In his art gallery I also learned some difficulties in paintings; my big trouble are reflection and shades. By that wonderful experience, I perceive that art isn’t just the art of techniques but it is the feelings of our souls. I do enjoy paintings and I also paint; but I just entered pre-intermediate this year. So far so great 🙂

After about one week in Bali, I went back home to Jakarta, then started my courses. I had EF and a private science class in my home. The most invigorating part on the first day of EF class with Mr. Michael David McNeil, I met a knockout boy.. OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GIVEAWAY! and on Mr. McNeil’s class there was only two students. I love that!
In EF, I also met my examiners in Key English Test on last school year, Mr. Greg and Mr James and they remembered me.

This holiday may not be special but I think the most important of holiday is how do we get closer with our family with simple things; like we don’t have to go abroad for all holidays. Besides, we can watch old movies with our family, that is the best. Or help your siblings with your work. This holiday is notorious one with simplicity.




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